3D Live Rig

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  • especially suited for 3D broadcast events (live)
  • very rigid and stable system for large cameras (RED and all broadcast cameras)
  • very flexible
  • balanced 3D system
  • all parameters (interaxial, convergence, tilt, roll, hight) motorizable
  • automatic alignment possible with image processors like PURE from Stereolabs
  • carbon fiber
  • upgradable for use with zoom lenses
  • upgradable for automatic 3D shooting with additional accessories
  • best price value

Zusätzliche Informationen

IA Travel

(max.) 160 mm


Focal Length

(approx.) >15,5 mm on S35 sensor


(dry) 25,9 kg


Height 105 cm, Depth 98 cm, Width (mainframe) 51 cm, Width (mirror box) 49 cm

Motorizable Axes

IA, Conv, Tilt, Roll, Height

Also Supported Cameras

Alexa 65, Sony F65, Sony Venice