Light Weight Rig

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Stereotec is proud to present the new revolution for steadicam and handheld: The extreme stable and compact Light Weight Rig for professional 3D content creation.

  • supports cameras like Alexa M, Epic, Sony F3, Sony F5, Sony F55, Sony P1, Si-2k, DSLR Cameras and many more
  • offers extreme stability and accuracy which is so far unique for those kind of rigs
  • fully motorizable in up to all eleven 3D parameters with internal / modular motors
  • automatic alignment possible with image processors like PURE from Stereolabs
  • can be used handheld, on steadicam, on crane, tripod, dolly…
  • accurate balanced camera movement, quick release camera adapter plates and the digital counters ensure best usability and upmost precise settings of interaxial distance and angulation to a 1/10 millimeter
  • EL-version available: 13-axes motorized rig including internal motor control unit and controlling software


Zusätzliche Informationen

IA Travel

(max.) 100 mm


Focal Length

(approx.) >16 mm on S35 sensor


(dry) 9,3 kg


Height 47 cm, Depth 49 cm, Width (mainframe) 29 cm, Width (mirror box) 43 cm

Motorizable Axes

IA, Conv, Tilt, Roll, Height

Also Supported Cameras

Alexa 65, Sony F65, Sony Venice