Nano Rig

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The new Nano Rig is the smallest rig in the STEREOTEC ensemble.
Place it on the car dashboard to get amazing views of the driver of a race car, hold it while jumping out of an air plane, shoot a ski-race or take it underwater to get the shots that other rigs cannot.
Its compactness is great for documentaries, keeping the intimacy of the protagonists…

  • closed housing available to protect cameras in the toughest environments
  • IA and Convergence motorizable (optional)
  • can be used handheld, on steadicam, at positions with limited space, on crane, tripod, dolly…
  • digital counters ensure best usability and precise settings of interaxial distance and angulation to 1/10 of a millimeter

Zusätzliche Informationen

IA Travel

66 mm


Focal Length

(approx.) >8.5 mm on 2/3" sensor


(dry) 2 kg


Height 22,1 cm, Depth 20,1 cm, Width (mainframe) 17,5 cm, Width (mirror box) 20 cm

Motorizable Axes

IA, Conv