3D Broadcast

Due to corona there are a lot of ghost events: Sport clubs and musicians are playing without an audience but there are live streams in the internet. Watching your favourites at home with a small screen size is not the same as being actually there. But there is a tool to get a more immersive experience which is very close to looking out of the window: Stereo3D in High Frame Rate.

Time will come when cinemas will be open again but big events with more than thousand people are still restricted. Nobody can predict when it will be. But what you can predict is, that cinema companies will need content for their screens as all the big Hollywood releases are shifted to fall 2020.

That means there is a slot for alternative content in cinemas. So let’s bring all the big events back to the audience. Instead of having more than thousand people in one stadium we deliver the events to all those people in different cinemas worldwide with less than hundred people each.


  • Concert

  • Sport Event

  • Theater

  • Circus

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We have references in shooting e.g. German Bundesliga, Lang Lang in Concert, NASA – last shuttle take off, Skiflying Worldchampionship,…


Alternative Convention

All the big conventions worldwide in every branch are cancelled. But there is a possibility for companies to show their products to possible costumers in a digital showroom with Stereo3D product demos.

The video footage can be screened on one of the following devices:


  • 3D TV
  • VR glasses
  • Google Cardboard
  • YouTube 3D

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Bildergebnis für google cardboard




The most affordable solution is using cardboard classes with a 3D side-by-side video screened on your mobile phone. So how about sending your costumers a micro SD card containing your video footage and a foldable cardboard?


Education and Economy

As schools and universities are closed online education is necessary. Home office becomes everyday life. There’s limited access to gyms and sport clubs. With Stereo3D lessons and meetings get more depth but they are also available in conventional 2D.


  • Teaching
  • Training
  • Presentations
  • Workshops
  • Shareholders‘ Meeting
  • Conferences


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