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STEREOTEC is the worldwide leading 3D rig equipment manufacturer and renowned service provider for high quality stereoscopic 3D movie making, IR and regular filming and content creation for 360° and VR experiences. We have been working with amazing filmmakers like And Lee and excellent DoPs like John Toll, Greig Fraser, Dion Beebe, Florian Hoffmeister and many more. Our rigs and our service follow the 2 basic ground rules for success: excellent and uncompromising quality and perfect economy to fit every budget.

Hollywood, London, Paris, Berlin, Munich, Budapest, Beijing


IR-3D rig for Dune: Part Two

We used our adopted IR-3D Rig for IR and regular shooting at the same time for the latest Dune: Part […]

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IRON MASK to be released in Germany

IRON MASK (aka MYSTERY OF THE DRAGON SEAL aka JOURNEY TO CHINA aka VIY 2) is to be released in […]

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3D Workshop

In October 2020 we conducted our 3D Workshop in Lübeck. It was a great group of about 20 young film […]

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Lumiere Award for best 3D Movie

We are happy to have won our 12th Lumiere Award for Best 3D Movie „IRON MASK – Mystery of the Dragon […]

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Ang Lee’s high frame rate GEMINI MAN “the future of cinema”

Oscar winning cinematographer Dion Beebe has described using ultra high frame rates to film Ang Lee’s sci-fi actioner Gemini Man, […]

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THE BIG JUMP 3D opens on 7th March 2019

Our movie „THE BIG JUMP 3D“ opens on 7th March 2019. Check out the website www.thebigjumpmovie.com where it plays. There is […]

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Stereotec offers 360° VR Solutions

Stereotec offers high quality 360° VR Recording without the disadvantages of current solutions (GoPro Rigs, Ozo,…). With mirror solutions (Omnicam) […]

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Stereotec shoots "BIG JUMP 3D"

Stereotec was shooting the new 3D Documentary THE BIG JUMP (Sigma Film) that is planned to be released in 3D in […]

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