SbS Mini Closed Rig

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  • created to be a small and light weight for steadicam and handheld
  • despite a small weight and small size,it is still acurate, durable and steady
  • perfect for operating on a live stage or as goal camera for sports
  • precisely adjustable in roll, tilt, convergence and interaxial
  • digital counters ensure precise settings
  • interaxial and convergence is motorizable
  • water resistant

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IA Travel

39 – 113 mm


10 °

Focal Length

> 6,5 (2/3")


(dry) 3,6 kg


Height 12,7 cm, Depth 22cm, Width (mainframe) 25,0 cm, Width (overall) 33 cm

Motorizable Axes

IA, Conv