IR-3D rig for Dune: Part Two

We used our adopted IR-3D Rig for IR and regular shooting at the same time for the latest Dune: Part Two. It was an effect required by director Denis Villeneuve and cinematographer Greig Fraser that could only be achieved by using 2 identical perspectives but using different types of cameras. One was an infrared camera, the other a regular, normal camera. We developed special tools and workflows to make this possible. The effect was impressive. It was used to get seamless transitions between the regular lighting and the IR light of the IR-planet. Pictures from set will follow.

IRON MASK to be released in Germany

IRON MASK (aka MYSTERY OF THE DRAGON SEAL aka JOURNEY TO CHINA aka VIY 2) is to be released in Germany on May 27th 2021. Stereotec was responsible for the artistic and technical execution of the stereoscopy. The movie was awarded with the renowned LUMIERE AWARD for BEST 3D FILM. It was shot in Russia, Czech Republic and China. Director of Stereography was Stereotec CEO Florian Maier. For a German Trailer please visit the following link:

3D Workshop

In October 2020 we conducted our 3D Workshop in Lübeck. It was a great group of about 20 young film students who conceived a music video in 3D. We shot on the STEREOTEC Lightweight Rig with 2 ALEXA Mini and two Optimo Zooms. We enjoyed very much the week full of enthusiasm.

Stereotec shoots „BIG JUMP 3D“

Stereotec was shooting the new 3D Documentary THE BIG JUMP (Sigma Film) that is planned to be released in 3D in cinemas January 2019. We caught the ski jumping legends in 3D in Kulm and Oberstdorf and visited them during their training in Norway and Austria. Watch out for fascinating 3D shots e.g. jumping with them down the ramp in 3D. Stereotec developed a special 3D helmet camera and portable wireless shoulder cameras for the best shots in 3D.

Stereotec shoots Viy 2

Stereotec is proud to announce that „Viy 2“ will be shot in native 3D by the STEREOTEC team. Please see a making of of the first shooting block that just finished: