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Hansel & Gretel: Witch Hunters – English Version / German Version

Various 3D Shootings

Stereotec offers stereoscopic production support on all kind of 3D projects. This includes 3D feature films, 3D broadcast or 3D concert productions, 3D commercials or 3D industry / expo movies. Stereotec offers the necessary 3D expertise and 3D equipment to complete a native 3D production.

Stereotec follows the 2 basic ground rules for success set by lead stereographer and CEO Florian Maier: excellent and uncompromising quality and perfect economy to fit every budget – from a small 1-day production to a 60+ days Hollywood production.

Here is a list of recent productions:

2016 Journey to China – 3D feature (China Block)
2016 Die Laika Kapsel – 3D short

2015 Florence and the Uffizi – Sky 3D documentary
2015 Viy2 – Journey to China – 3D feature
2015 Billy Lynn’s Long Halftime Walk – 3D feature

2014 Northpole – 3D documentary

2013 Sie heißt jetzt Lotte – 3D short
2013 Bad Timing – 3D short
2013 Tanks Russia – 3D Documentary
2013 Angelstrings

2012 Sony – 3D Commercial
2012 Ottos Traum – 3D short
2012 Turkey 3D – 3D Motion Ride
2012 Istanbul 3D – 3D Motion Ride

2011 The Return of Viy – 3D
2011 Hansel & Gretel: Witch Hunters – 3D

2010 Vicky and the Treasure of the Gods – 3D
2010 Hype Nation 3D
2010 Norwegian Tourist Routes

2009 China Oil ­”Oil: Extending City Dreams”
2009 Sewer Survivor
2009 Killing Bee
2009 RTL ­Boxing “Klitschko­Brothers“
2009 Castle of Greiz: Reussens Glanz und Gloria

and more…